House Histories

Do you ever look at an old building — possibly your own house or another structure that you happen to see while driving around town — and wonder about its history? How old is it? Who built it? Who lived there over the years?

These are the kinds of questions I answer at Clapboard Chronicles. I research the histories of historic buildings, often private residences, that are located in western Massachusetts, northwestern Connecticut, and southern Vermont.

The process of researching these buildings is fascinating. It involves digging into old documents, including deeds and probate records, as well as studying local history texts and traveling to various archives around western New England. I also attend history conferences and read widely to continually deepen my understanding the historical contexts in which houses and their residents have existed.

For more information about the research process and costs, please be in touch! I would love to develop a research project for you that meets your needs and budget.

Beth Bandy